Three Steps:

Step 1: Take a nice photo of the place.

You can make this as nice as you want, but we can work with some basic snaps from your phone, too.  Shoot it from your favorite angle, showing the wall you’re thinking of hanging the art.

Step 2: Get a good photo of the artwork.  Take it yourself, or get it from the artist or photographer.  They’ll be happy to share.

Step 3: Use our handy form to submit the photos along with the size of the painting.  You can even use the form on your phone.

We do the rest!  Within 24 hours, we’ll send you back a photo showing exactly what the art will look like in your place!


Photo Tips:

Try to provide a square-on, evenly lit photo of the artwork.  Feel free to include the frame!

We get the best results with clear, well-lit photos of the interior, with an unobstructed view of the wall.  Lamps or other items blocking the wall get in the way of our work.